elii exercises an energetic household

‘JF-kit house’ by elii, brussels, belgium
image © miguel de guzman
all images courtesy of elii

 看看這個有趣的project是不是也想來打造一個,這樣的能源健身房啊! 經由健身便可以產生屋內的能源,記環保又節省能源喲!!
in a scheme that cleverly tackles increasingly relevant topics in contemporary residences, the ‘JF-kit house’ (jane fonda kit house) by spanish practice elii marries energy production with personal health. every programmatic element of the traditional home is given a conceptual work-out fitted with basic mechanisms that invite the user to perform various physical activities in order to create the energy needed for the specific function. displayed at the CIVA exhibition in brussels, the project’s conceptual basis is approached and achieved through the focus on four particular aspects. on the urban scale, the light-weight timber frame supports an economical and dynamic house that is easily transplanted and fitted into any site adapting a sort of self-sufficient parasitic character. on the tectonic scale, the program explores the redevelopment of traditional functions to a more a physically-dependent energetic nature. on the economic scale, localized energy production eliminates the need for grid resources while simultaneously promoting healthier lifestyles and habits on the socio-cultural front. energy is made visible and tangible as instantaneous production yields immediate palpable functional results. at night the kinetic relationship is revealed through low-energy LED lights.

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