Heavy Pedal: Zephyr Track Frame & Fork!

Heavy pedal 新出的車架共有2色華麗的烤漆,大家去看看吧!
The Heavy Pedal decided to get into the frame sourcing business and rather than going for the cheapest solution out there took a hard look at the classic bikes NJS and Cannondale track bikes and went from there to create the Zephyr. The double butted 6061 aluminum frame has a 1″ threaded headset, 27.2 mm seatpost and an English thread bottom bracket for an conventional parts spec as it gets, along with stainless track end inserts to preserve the aluminum frame. Neon is back. Love the relatively large diameter aluminum frame and lugged steel fork, nice work on this one. This style has always been strong, and it’s great to see new options out there besides the used market. Available in December for $650 for the frameset in 50, 53, 56, 59, or 61 cm sizes.

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