God and Famous x SGCS: Fuck Earth Shop Rag

God & Famous 的產品永遠都會讓人發自內心的一笑,這次他們與Super Galactic Cycling Squad 一起何作聯名出了一條Fuck Earth”的抹布,就是希望大家能動手來擦乾淨自己的愛車啊~~~

God & Famous and Super Galactic Cycling Squad have teamed up to help get that grit out of your hands with their “Fuck Earth” shop rag.
“The Super Galactic Cycling Squad has traveled from a galaxy far far away. They came to Earth and conquered. This is what they thought of our planet. God & Famous tends to agree.
Introducing the Fuck Earth Shop Rag. Wipe the whip down (or the shuttle) with this G&F x SGCS limited edition collabo available now at God & Famous.”

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