Club Monaco Brings a Bit of New York City to Hong Kong

加拿大時裝品牌Club Monaco 在香港舉辦的“探索城市”城市自行車運動。本次活動邀請了10名選手,包括當地演員林沛乘坐由銅鑼灣至中環。此外,Club Monaco 雜誌的內頁都是該品牌的歷史和文化遺產,以及相關的文化時尚,藝術,攝影,文化,旅遊等支柱。

Club Monaco提供大家一個機會去體驗到騎自行車的生活方式,實用性與風格。

Club Monaco recently descended upon Hong Kong to host its “Explore the City” urban cycling campaign. The event invited 10 riders including local actor Alex Lam to ride from Causeway Bay to Central, hand-delivering copies of the debut issue of Club Monaco Journal, a publication highlighting the brand’s role in the lives of men and women globally. Further seen within the pages of the Club Monaco Journal are the brand’s history and heritage as well as relevant cultural pillars such as fashion, art, photography, culture and travel. Taking a page out of New York City’s vibrant bike culture (and home to Club Monaco’s base of operations), Club Monaco aimed to pique the interest of the local community and provide an opportunity to experience a cycling lifestyle where practicality meets style .

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