8bar x Ucon Acrobatics

德國柏林品牌UCON和8BAR聯手合作這台獨一無二單速車! 整台車的主題以羽毛為出發點來做設計,邀請了柏林著名的產品設計師和插畫家來做車體的彩繪以及狗嘴和坐墊的設計! 下面還有影片可以觀看喲~

Ucon and 8bar are two Berlin based brands who teamed up for this bike collaboration. They worked on this project together for the last year to make something special happen.

“Stefan the founder of 8bar Bikes is a true bicycle enthusiast and is also competing in races for over 15 years now. Together with a collective of cycle-crazy friends, he brought his vision to life to establish a bicycle company. 8bar is never pre-made and never identical, each bike is a unique, co-created project between 8bar and it’s owner-to-be.

Ucon established their opening collection in the early summer of 2001. Founders Jochen and Martin came with a vision to develop a lifestyle brand anchored by creativity, quality tailoring, innovative appliqués and ethical production. With a passion for the work of talented artists and the design community surrounding them, Jochen and Martin embraced collaborations to build a creative environment for the brand.

Like you will see in the “making of” clip Ucon Acrobatics and 8bar bikes involved two more creative heads from Berlin. One of them is ‘Toons’, a Berlin famous painting artists and a true fan of the whole bike culture since he was a small boy. He handpainted the frame and brought their vision of the “feathering-design” into real life. Then there is the product-designer and illustrator ‘Stulle’ from Matzmate who did an amazing job customizing the bike saddle, foot straps and handlebar.”

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