Detroit Bicycle Company Track

來自底特律自行車公司Detroit Bicycle Company 的新款FIXIE!
The American automotive industry is not the behemoth it once was, dominating the global market before losing ground to offshore manufacturers and, ironically, a fluctuating oil supply which is it’s daily fuel. Unfortunately, it has been to the detriment of it’s traditional home, Detroit, but while the four-wheeled market undergoes an identity crisis, bikes are becoming ever more popular. One small workshop is proving the engineering spirit of the city still burns bright: the Detroit Bicycle Company.
Already establishing an elaborate, decorative style that is reminiscent of that great city’s heyday, the Detroit Bicycle Company manufactures lugged frames and complete bikes that, if they were alive today, would get Henry Ford or Louis Chevrolet thinking about new opportunities. This model especially, built up with Curtis Odom hubs, a 1950′s Cinelli #1 stem, Walnut Studiolo aged bar wrap, wooden Ghisallo rims and vintage Campagnolo cranks, pedals and brake calliper.  VIA

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