Donhou Cycles Leica Track

DONHOU CYCLES幫他們的客製了一台以萊卡相機創意的FIXIE! 喜愛萊卡像機的FANS們能錯過嗎??

For some photographers, the name of Leica generates the same amount of passion and reverence as Colnago or Merckx does for some cyclists. There’s no denying the quality of the cameras, handmade in Germany since 1925, and they have certainly captured some of the world’s most memorable moments. Donhou Cycles‘ latest customer is both a cyclist and a photographer who wanted his custom frame to reflect his passion for Leica cameras.
Like a Leica, the real magic of Tom’s frame lies underneath the classy leather and iconic red badge. It’s constructed from Reynolds 953, their stainless “SuperSteel” tubing, brazed with the skill that continues to establish Donhou Cycles at the new edge of British custom frame building. The top and head tube were brushed to reflect the Leica’s body, the lower half painted matte black to resemble the casing and the Donhou name in Leica red.
This is actually the third frame built for this customer. Well, the second, as the first was a step-through commuter for his girlfriend. A Di2 road bike for himself was next, but there was still room in the stable for a ‘street track’ to go into battle with on the tough London roads. The rims are laced to Royce hubs, topped with a Thomson mast and stem and crowned with leather upholstery by Australia’s own Mick Peel of Busyman Bicycles.

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