Pony Bikes Kenevans

Melbourne is Australia’s cycling hub. The city is relatively flat and has a bike lane infrastructure unparalleled by any other. Naturally, there’s a high instance of Local Bike Shops, but one in particular specialises in extra-special custom compilations for the discerning commuter: West Melbourne’s Pony Bikes. This Kenevans is a fine example of the special care taken to ensure the customer achieves their dream machine.
Ken Evans is an Australian frame building legend whose creations have carried numerous locals to National and World Championships and, under the Kenevans brand, continues to craft fine steel frames. He proudly exhibited his old and new frames at the first Australian Custom Bicycle Show, a recent model of which turned up at Pony Bikes to be given a personal touch by the manageress and chief mechanic, Sasha Strickland.
It’s a track frame, sure, but a front brake was requested as a functional addition. The original fork, however, wouldn’t accept anything larger than a 19mm tire, so a custom fork was contracted from Tarn atPrimate Frames, another exhibitor at the ACBS. Tarn recreated the Kenevans fork and Steve at Sun Graphics matched the paint to the frame. To get it moving, Sasha built the wheels using the limited edition Phil Wood Tsunami Relief hubs, creating a rock-solid and stylish commuter.


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