Playful Hermès Window Installation in Ginza, Tokyo

Satoru Eguchi,非常有創意的裝置藝術,在日本旅遊的朋友可以去看看喲~

The Hermès store in Ginza, Tokyo unveiled a new window installation by New York-based artist Satoru Eguchi this month. The display, which will be on until mid-September for Hermès’s ongoing “A sporting life!” campaign, shows the artist’s eccentric interpretation of sporty fashion. Eguchi plays with the concept of balance — both literally and figuratively — carefully stacking objects atop each other in vertical and horizontal lines. A stool balancing on a volleyball carries two unicycles and a pair of boots; Thin sticks lie on a baseball bat and bike handle while hauling a wooden chair. Some playful props like giant pencils and cacti complete Hermès’s experimental push toward the arts.


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