LOOK L96整台碳纖維到底,帥透了~

The French commune of Nevers, located about 260kms to the south of Paris, traces its history back to Roman times, when Julius Caesar used it as a base. Today, it is home to one of the most forward-thinking brands in modern cycling:LOOK. The KG 196 was their first single-piece carbon frame, a lineage that continues from the road to the track with the latest iteration, the L96.
LOOK, founded in 1951, dominated the ski market as a leader in binding technology, knowledge which translated to the bike market as the first clipless pedal. The pédales automatiques helped Hinault win the ’85 Tour de France and in ’86, Lemond won the Tour aboard the first LOOK carbon frame, the KG 86. It evolved through the KG 296, 396, 496, and 596 series of track bikes to the L96 you see here.
Austin’s Division 1 is the Texan LOOK dealership, so it was fitting to feature the flagship model. The L96 is built to order in Nevers, utilizing their integrated, one-piece ZED carbon crank set, fork, and adjustable stem, designed in tune with the profiled handlebars. The full carbon Selle Italia Teknologika saddle and Lightweight’s Autobahn and Rundkurs track wheel set complete a winning ensemble.
Contact Divison 1 via their website and Facebook page and let them help you build your dream bike.


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