SE Bikes x Santa Cruz Skateboards Big Ripper

Santa Cruz 與SE BIKE合作40年週年紀念款,整台車經典藍色加上他們標誌性圖案尖叫之手,是不是讓人超心動超想收藏啊~ 還有還有隨著每輛自行車還加送了三個獨特的珍藏版貼紙:聖克魯斯40年週年紀念標誌,SE手標誌和高速輪精選頭管臉貼,oh~~~~ 大愛了啊~

For their 40th anniversary, Santa Cruz Skateboards teamed up with SE Bikes on a one-of-a-kind bike. The 29” Big Ripper features the iconic Screaming Hand blue colorway with the Speed Wheels Face graphic on the head tube, Screaming Hand shading elements scattered on the frame, the SC logo stamped in the rear dropout, a Santa Cruz 40 year anniversary logo embossed seat and a padset featuring custom SE Hand logos drawn by the legendary Jim Phillips.
Included with each bike is a limited edition collaborative skate deck featuring a custom SE Hand decktop graphic with the classic Santa Cruz Screaming Hand design on the bottom.
But wait, there’s more!
With each bike comes three unique collector’s edition stickers: the Santa Cruz 40 Year Anniversary logo, the SE Hand logo and the Speed Wheels Face sticker featured on the head tube.
The Big Ripper is available through any SE Bikes retailer and will arrive in multiple shipments throughout the rest of the year.


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