Recon Jet High Performance Sunglasses

喜歡的朋友,可是要預定的呦~  對於完整的技術和功能細節上的太陽鏡,有興趣的朋友去他們的官網吧>> here.

Recon Instruments recently announced that its Recon Jet high performance sunglasses would be available for pre-order. The high-tech shades pack a lot into their slim frame including GPS, an HD video camera, microphone, speakers and full-color widescreen HUD with all the processing power needed to coordinate those functions. Some of the features included are the ability to see performance metrics, and the ability to connect to their smartphone to see caller ID and SMS alerts. For complete technical and functionality details on the sunglasses, check out the company’s website here.
The limited Pilot Edition, pre-loaded with software catering to endurance athletes, is specially priced at $499 through the company’s website until the end of the Tour de France on July 21, after which the price will climb to $599.  VIA

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