Marco Mucig X 55DSL

Marco Mucig (www.snowgroup.net) has just released a limited edition shirt for the italian street wear brand 55DSL (55dsl.com),
part of the project 10:55 **
Marco is a talented artist and he was the "father" of the Bicycle Film festival super-famous video in 2009 and 2010, and its creative director.

Here the Mucig's tee:

The photo you see on the tee is himself, RIDO (the famous italian MC), Frank (Francesco Dolfo from L'uomo col martello - luomocolmartello.com), Luke and Dade 
coming back after a bike ride… our cyclists found peace in a healthy collective "pissing" moment.
Taken something like 4 years ago. : D

The ride took them from Milan on the lake near Arona… below are some photos of that trip

The tee is a limited edition that can be found on line at the store, in only 1055 pieces.
Only 1,055 laugh! Go forth!

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