Hunting Trophies Made From Recycled Bicycle Parts

奧地利設計師安德烈亞斯把自行車的坐墊和把手展示在橢圓形的木製板上,由如傳統的狩獵戰利品。 這樣布置在家裡是不是也是個很好的點子啊~
Austrian designer 
Andreas Scheiger has unveiled a project which he describes as an “upcycle fetish.” Incorporating used bicycle pieces like the bike saddle and brake handle with oval wooden plates, Scheiger presents a series of hanging racks that’s inspired by Pablo Picasso’s bull head sculptures while nodding towards traditional hunting trophies. The racks are both functional and quirky, bringing a decoration synonymous with quaint households to the modern era. Aside from being decorative, the hangers can also be used to suspend everyday objects.

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