FGGT X Halo belt (part- 1)

上禮拜五FGGT一拿到Halo belt 二話不說立約夜騎 ,去試試傳說中Halo belt到底有多亮!!

Halo belt 在國外已經小有名氣了,在台灣用的人好像還沒很多。當天晚上 FGGT 四個女孩各配戴紅、黃、藍、綠 四個顏色的Halo belt並且跑到民權大橋旁較暗的河濱去測試測試~

測試結果Halo belt 的亮度真得很威,在暗黑的河濱路上對方來車或跑步的人都看得很清楚,而且質感非常好,三段式亮燈顯示模式~ 我們特愛藍色與綠色,而且配戴在身上很好看一點都不尷尬,大家放心喲~

下午還有影片FGGT X Halo belt 的影片,請大家不要錯過了~

HALO was designed originally as a safety belt that can be used on a daily basis. "We wanted to create world's first multi-purpose illuminating LED safety belt that also looks good. The great thing about HALO is, it looks like a ordinary everyday belt." Cycling - More often than not, bike lights are stolen off the bicycle itself and reflectors only show visibility when a light source is projected onto it. However, with the HALO, LED lighting emits through fiber optics utilizing a greater surface area of visibility. The HALO creates illumination with a simple design and it always stays on the owner because it acts as an ordinary belt.

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