Australian Olympic Cyclist Shane Perkins Tests the Limits of Humans

影片式描述澳洲奧林匹克選手Shane Perkins 何他的團隊用科技的計算法,把人體發揮最大極限的訓練! 大製上就是用非常有限的飲食之後,血液中的乳酸含量測量功率和轉速,一起為一個共同的動機:贏得配對每一個小方面~ 很玄的計算法看影片吧>>

To what extent can one push the human body? Or furthermore, use today’s technology to parlay our strength to new depths? These are the certain topics Australian Olympic cyclist 
Shane Perkins and his team consider in their calculated training. Following a very restricted diet, lactic acid content in the blood are measured with wattage and rpm, pairing every little aspect together for a joint motive: to win. Produced by Kirk Docker, the clip provides a glimpse into the life and training of the champion cyclist, as the Olympic training team dissects Perkins in an impersonal way – similar to a robot, if you will. While we see the pain and hardship Perkins takes on in his vigorous training, the final seconds of the video proves the discipline to be all worth the while when inches make the difference between victory and defeat.


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