2013 Leader | EQNX Coming Soon…

預告好久的 2013 Leader ,一直賣關子只知道這隻將會是一個新的碳纖維/鋁合金的車架,真是讓人好奇死了啦~

Along with the upcoming collaboration release of the Leader RENOVATIO… our velodrome and street ready frameset, Leader will also be releasing a new carbon/aluminum track frameset in the fall called the EQNX and it will definitely find its home on the velodrome as well as the toughest streets a city can offer.
I don’t have much information on the EQNX other than some private phone conversations, but damn… it looks good from the photos I’ve just seen. Can you guess what the word is for the acronym EQNX?
Stay tuned for more information…  VIA

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