Rockstar Games 與 David Trimble 共同打造「The Red Hook Criterium」單速車非法競賽!

今年已經第五屆的「The Red Hook Criterium」,雖然到目前為止還不是正是合法的比賽,但來自世界各地的專業自行車選手、賽道專家、單車快遞員與城市運動員,仍然聚集到紐約布魯克林區的Red Hook區,參與這個盛會。限使用單速車參賽 ,需掌握一定程度的街道技巧,並具備體能要求。五年來 RHC 規模越來越大,從布魯克林區的單一比賽,演變成 4階段賽事,兩個在魯克林,八月將在巴賽隆納,十月則在米蘭,星期六晚上九點「The Red Hook Criterium」將舉行重點的30公里項目,創立者 David Trimble 與HBTV談到包括RHC因私人理由而誕生的起源、從事腳踏車設計的家庭背景淵源,以及今年與 Rockstar Games的合作,甚至對整個Red Hook 社區的影響與改變等等。
Taken from the event's official webpage, "The Red Hook Criterium is an unsanctioned race series consisting of world-class road racers, track specialists, bike messengers, and urban athletes competing over multiple laps around a short, technical circuit. Fixed gear track bikes are mandatory requiring riders to possess both street tuned handling skills and high levels of fitness." Now entering its fifth year, RHC has expanding from a single race in Brooklyn to a 4-part championship series with now two races in Brooklyn, another in Barcelona during the month August and Milan in October. This Saturday the illegal bike circuit gets underway with its mainstay 30 km race around the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Swiftly approaching Saturday's 9 p.m. starting time, Founder David Trimble links with Hypebeast to discuss in detail among many things the birth of the RHC, his family's background in bicycle design, this year's partnership with Rockstar Games, the Red Hook community and much more.

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