Moulinette x Hojmark ‘The Raw One’

Beautiful Raw steel, stainnless & polished  by Hojmark Cycles & Moulinette Bicycles.

The story behind Hojmark Cycles‘ brand identity recently made the rounds of the world’s great graphic design blogs, with good reason. Ineo Designlab, a Danish studio, created a logotype and stationery inspired by the latent forms of lugs and tubes before they’re assembled, resulting in an ID that summarizes Hojmark’s appreciation for craft. Hojmark Cycles regularly collaborate with Germany’s Moulinette Bicycles on frames and bikes that are half vehicles and half artworks.
‘The Raw One’ is the latest project to spring from the creative partnership, which already includes some astonishing bikes, like a Hirondelle Retro-direct frame and an immaculate ‘road bike’ named Zeus that’s topped by a cast aluminum saddle. Impractical? Sure. But it’s beautiful, too, which is the point. Another, the ‘Del Campo Bicicletta‘ is a Gran Turismo that’s a picture of green, leather and gold pinstriped elegance, dressed in polished Campagnolo, but ‘The Raw One’ is its antithesis.
There’s almost nothing to see here. No painted opulence, no leather upholstery or gears or brakes. What you do see, instead, is the bicycle stripped bare, back to its original form. The frame by Danish-born Brian Højmark Larsen is a combination of steel tubes and lugs, but it’s the heat and his craft that turns them into a bicycle frame. That, and a gorgeous pair of drilled Curtis Odom hubs, laced to a pair of mirror-polished rims.
Special thanks to Ineo Designlab and Katharina Kritzler for the photography. See more on the Moulinette Bicycles’ Facebook page, and Hojmark Bicycles, too.


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