Look Inside Berlin’s Amazing Vintage Bicycle Rental Shop, Hello World

Hello World Berlin  這家單車店的概念就是,把經典的義大利公路車、單速車租借給你讓以騎乘自行車的方式來旅遊體驗柏林這個城市。

而且每台經典的義大單車他們都整理的很漂亮,出租方式只要您先登入他們的網站就可以囉! 是不是很方便啊~

去看看他們的網站吧>> Hello World Berlin 
Things in life happen for a reason: last week, while strolling through Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood searching for a bodega to rent a cheapo bicycle for the week, I came upon a shop that blew my mind. Through the shop window, I saw an endless array of vintage Italian road bikes: Colangos, Bianchis, Gazelles, Pinarellos – some restored to their former glory; others converted into single-speeds and fixies. The shop was Hello World Berlin.
Hello World Berlin is a bicycle rental and share shop catering to the traveler and tourist looking to elevate their cycling experience through Berlin with classic and vintage Italian road bicycles sized for all. For only a few euros more than the common commuter bicycles available for rental throughout the city, Hello World Berlin offers an endless selection and sizing of bicycles for folks who want a premium experience.
Renting a classic road bicycle from Hello World Berlin requires you to log into their website and make a reservartion. Once confirmed, you can stop in at the shop during the hours of 10:00 – 13:00 to pick up your rental. The best part are that the guys behind the shop are friendly, knowledgable, and more than willing to give tips about riding through Berlin.   VIA

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