Interview of Father Tu

說真的FGGT可能跟Father Tu實在太熟了,突然再其他網誌看到別人訪問他似乎還真的有那麼點小感動ㄋ~ 大家再來看看訪問他的內容吧!

Father Tu has been Interview by a blog name "I kiss my bike good night"

here's the Interview >>

Father Tu is an example of a person that can make you want to have all these bikes he posts.  And also to be friends with him because he smiles so trustfully.
He lives in Taipei, Taiwan, works as an advertising director and rides a BMC Track Machine
“My first bike was Leader 725 is my first fixie , many years ago
My favorite bike so far is Pelizzoli FOR3。

Daily reading fixie blog from 
Prolly‘s, Pedal and Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan! And my favorite place to shop my fixie stuff is Ebay , Mash and Bluelug, ha~ I love to shop on line!

In Taipei I love to hangout with my friends,  of course riding is always in our plan!
 Other wise we will chill in a small bar called  操場 drinking, or visit our friends’ bike shop  Kendo Shop and Nabiis to check some new stuff !

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