Brothers Rich Raleigh DL-1

為了 The 2013 Tour de France 出的小紳士LOOK Brothers Rich Raleigh DL-1,大家喜歡嗎?

The 2013 Tour de France is about to départ, sending a few hundred brightly colored riders on a 3,400 kilometer journey aboard the latest carbon fiber bikes the industry can offer. It will be the 100th edition, the first few of which would have been raced on frames not unlike the Raleigh DL-1 featured here.
Paul Rich has two older brothers, twins, who have a various amount of input into Paul’s aptly named project: Brothers Rich. Paul has collected fifteen DL-1 bikes, restoring each to the same high standard as this one. All 15 will be called ‘The Charleston’, after the Rich Brothers’ hometown in South Carolina.
“This bike is equally at home hanging on the wall in a living room as it is screaming along the streets of a city or winding county roads,” Paul tells us. “I don’t know who the customer will be, but we’re looking forward to meeting them. I’m pretty sure we will get along just fine.”
Jim Rich has a passion for old Moto Guzzis, Porsches and Ciöcc road bikes. John Rich runs a shop in Atlanta called Oakleaf & Acorn, purveyor of ‘Select Findings For Men’. There, you’ll soon be able to pick up a Charleston for yourself, but you can already enjoy a wander through their current inventory.


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