Bern Sessions New York: Part 1 "Squid"

Bern Sessions New York: Part 1 "Squid" from Bern Unlimited on Vimeo.

Kevin 再紐約成為快遞員以經20年了~ 而且他相當喜愛Bern這個牌子的安全帽~  他也常推廣騎乘的戴安全帽的重要性,無疑得他就是Bern的最好代言人啦~ 大家來看看影片吧~

Kevin “Squid’ Bolger, has been an NYC messenger for 20 years. He has been wearing Bern helmets for 9 years. A icon in the streets of NYC, he has seen the city and biking there change a ton. Squid was a pioneer helping to organize early alley cat races in NYC and pushing track bike racing with his velocity tour. Through earning his spot within urban bike culture he has used his fame and reach to help make cycling more safe and accessible to more people. He has served as a Bicycle Ambassador for Transportation Alternatives and helped to educate working cyclists on how to ride safely. To us, Squid is family and a key member of our team. He was the first cyclist that backed our product and helped us push our image throughout the world. We are proud to present a window into squids history, his life and his thoughts on cycling, helmets and NYC. For more info about Squid, check cyclehawk.com bernunlimited.com/sessions

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