Victorinox X editions

Christopher Raeburn and Victorinox have teamed up again to produce another “Protect” capsule collection. Designed for the spring/summer season, this time around the collection utilizes a unique neon and chrome grey camouflage pattern. The collection offers several different highlights: a padded down vest, a full-zip jacket, and a full-length poncho. Offering function as well as form, these garments offer weather resistance in a lightweight, packable form. Perfect for summer festivals or any other occasion where light rain might be an issue. Look for these next season at Victorinox stockists. For a product-based look, refer back to our previous stop-motion video.

因為RAPHA 跟Christopher Raeburn的合作款而開始注意Christopher Raeburn這個牌子!

FGGT 深深覺得愛下雨的台灣大家的騎車的包包裡都因該帶ㄧ件輕又薄的雨衣,來以防萬一才是啊!!!

Christopher Raeburn攜手Victorinox發布節日系列,該系列主推實用風包括一系列野營和戶外裝備。該戶外系列包括11件設計品,包括一款帳篷、女式斗篷、男士外套和一把瑞士軍刀,這些設計品是技術、功能和時尚的結合體,都是由可回收材料製成,每一件都印有Raeburn獨特的標誌“shield camouflage”。

而且PATTERN 好看死了,FGGT WISH LIST 馬上又加一樣東西了啊 ,大家快去他官網看看吧 GO >>

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