FGGT love Gantoli Cycling Gloves

好多人都在詢問FGGT的編織手套哪裡買 >> 告訴大家FGGT最愛的手套就是 "Gantoli Cycling Gloves", 價格非常親民,皮革的材質很軟很舒服,又有好多好看的顏色,可以直接在他們的官網上訂購囉~


(購買 TIP,可以約一多一點人買運費比較省喲,但是價格請控制在3000元台幣內不然寄回來可是要扣稅的ㄋ~)

So many girls asking FGGT about our Gloves  there is >> "Gantoli Cycling Gloves" , we love this vintage style and Available now exclusively through Gantoli Cycling Accoutrements for $28, and $30 for those with knuckle cut-outs for greater dexterity!

Photo by 大大

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