Mano nella Mano translates to ‘Hand in Hand’ in English, aptly describing the partnership between master Italian frame builder Dario Pegoretti and the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. Dario collaborated with the students to create three of his Duende frames that will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Olgäle Foundation, a charity and lobby group that aids kids with cancer and their families.
Dario is a true man of steel, having narrowly escaped a brush with cancer himself. His frames are controversially popular, loved by those who appreciate his artistic flair and snubbed by those who just don’t get it. Each of the Mano nella Mano frames come equipped with a Falz carbon fork and a D11 Chris King headset.
I long for the day there’s a Pegoretti in my garage, so I’ll be following the auction closely. It starts on Friday, February 22nd 2013 and you can sign up for an email notification when it begins. Check out the Mano nella Mano website for more information and Like the Facebook page herePS: Check out the Cycle EXIF interview with Dario here.

Synapsis, Designed by In Chae, Seline Gwinn, Anna Kiosse, Mado Klümper, Sunnyi Löhmann and Sara Moser.

Maneharoā, Designed by Jakob Lauer and Magnus Wiedenmann.
來看看義大車架老師傅DARIO PEGORETTI 在他們的國家藝術Stuttgart State設計學院,與學生們的擦出的藝術火花! 學生們在車架上面的圗裝都很有創意呦~~

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