Fixed Gear Calculator

尤Jesus Lizam設計的固定齒計算器,限在已經有網路板版囉!大家可以上算算看囉~~ VIA

The Fixed Gear Calculator was developed by Jesus Lizama (@jebuslizama). Jesus is a designer, developer and rider, currently sponsored by Leader Bike, TRAFIK, and El Maestro Bicycle Shop.

The purpose of this app is to give riders a quick way to look up gear inches for their current and future setups. Gear inches refer to the distance your bike travels per rotation of the crank.

Choose your gear ratio wisely. The bigger the number, the more top speed you can achieve, but it will affect your climbing and acceleration.

This app is still in Beta so stay tuned for future updates. Have a suggestion or idea? Contact Jesus here: hello@jldesignloft.com

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