Quicksilver X Tange Vandal Star R Fixed Gear Frameset

WOW! Quiksilver 走出水面跟日本單車公司合作車了一款Fixed Gear 。磨砂黑幀輕質鋁打造而成,整台的黑色圖案烤漆,框架碳纖維叉子和handelbars有520,540和560的尺寸,該框架將在Quiksilver的店在11月底再日本開使販賣!

Quiksilver has ventured out of the water with its latest offering, the Vandal Star R fixed gear frameset produced in collaboration with Japanese bike company Tange and Japanese rider Yuki Takamiya. The matte black frame is crafted from lightweight aluminum and features black pattern detailing throughout. The frameset comes with carbon fiber forks and handelbars and requires final assembly with the components of your choice. Available in 520, 540 and 560 sizes, the frameset will be made available at Quiksilver stores in Japan later this month with just 50 examples up for purchase.


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