Opening Ceremony for adidas Originals – Autumn/Winter 2012

愛迪達Originals & Opening Ceremony合作會在7月份會推出手帕拼接的風衣,實在太好看了!!!女孩們,秋天新裝新LOOK騎車去啊~

through bit by bit we hoped for a full preview to find its way through. End Clothing offers just that and in the process has us wanting each piece even more. Collaborations continue to be a mixture of must buys and wish they hadn't bothered. This one falls into the former, a collection which feels like a genuine joint effort between the two brands rather than the lending of a label. Autumn/Winter 2012 pushes bandanna style paisley heavily. Influenced by the London Olympics, sporting references come in several varieties from cycling to swimming. The reversible anoraks above are the star of the show whilst the mixed pattern tees and opaque rubber derby shoes keep the line up interesting. Coming July.


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