Hand-Painted Vintage Style Velo Cycling Figures

這個由法國出產的Velo Cycling Figures,從上到下,包括 文字都是手繪出來的。是愛好自行車着不可缺的收藏喲~ 這裡可以找到更多>>

Another collector’s item for Thursday morning, this time one for the cycling enthusiasts. British online store Urban Hunter offer these incredible figures inspired by vintage models. All cast by the same company in France who have been making them since the 1930s, metal zamak in the original molds, these are hand-painted from top to bottom including text. Inspired by trips to French flea markets, a personal collection turned into a whole range of riders – different poses, different kits. The set above has been released for the Tour de France but the store offers plenty more to choose from. If you’ve run out of fancy accessories to buy for your bike, these might be a good place to channel your cycle obsession. Find them here

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