Paul Smith London 2012 Olympic Games Isle of Man Stamp Collection

Paul Smith推出2012倫敦奧運郵票紀念冊The Isle of Man Stamp Collection


身為全球自行車的愛好者,Paul Smith很榮幸被邀請參加曼島郵局的這項計畫,而曼島為著名的奧運自行車手的家鄉,因此有強大的自行車網絡,其中Paul Smith的好友Mark Cavendish將會參加男子公路競賽。

大家可能有所不知,著名的英國服裝設計師Paul Smith是自行車賽的big fans,他經常觀看男子自行車大賽,奧運會自行車選手Mark Cavendish也是他的好友,絕對是本屆奧運會自行車比賽的奪冠熱門人選,初步估計將有200萬人回來觀賽。Paul Smith近來就以自己這位好友為靈感,為The Isle of Man Post Office設計了一套倫敦奧運會紀念郵票,一共7張,顏色艷麗並印有Paul Smith獨特的色彩圖案,現在已經可以在其店鋪和網站上買到,售價約為3~50英鎊不等,熱愛集郵的人千萬別錯過!

Top UK fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, last seen here on a skateboard excursion, takes another design detour, this time through the Isle of Man Postal Service to complete the commissioned Paul Smith London 2012 Olympic Games Isle of Man Stamp Collection. The real labour of love in the seven stamps/seven games set is presumably the one for cycling (above), as it turns out: a) Sir Paul was intent on a cycling career until aspirations were extinguished by a road accident at age 17; b) cyclist Mark Cavendish, the “fastest man on two wheels” and a starting favorite in the high-profile 2012 Olympics Men’s Road Race event, is an Isle of Man good buddy of Sir Paul. Besides at the post office, the stamps, along with complementary postcards, are available as a collectible set.


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