F&Y Les Classiques – Wooden Bicycle Handlebars

Not sure how well beautifully finished wooden handlebars would hold up against all of the palm sweat summer cycling can invite, but you would look good finding out with a pair of these locked in your stem. Les Classiques handlebars—forged from wood, aluminum, and brass—are the fine idea of Montreal-based design duo F&Y (Frederique and Yannic) who primarily focus on furniture. “The result of a passion for woodwork and bike rides, each object holds its own singular traits fabricated locally and of a limited edition,” the pair tell us. “The attention to detail in the confection of theses handlebars is a small gift to those who love and appreciate cycling.” A small and splendid gift.

木質手把也是您的另一種選擇~ 哪裡有>>>

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