Upright Cyclist | Selvage Riding Denim

Selvage Riding Denim 這款專門設計給騎單車的車友的牛仔褲,褲型與DETAIL 都設計的好棒!!! 喜歡耶~

Upright Cyclist introduces the Selvage Riding Denim. Made in the USA.
“We may have gone a little overboard in choosing selvage for our first denim style, and spent a few more rounds prototyping than we’re comfortable with, but we’re supremely happy to launch our Riding Denim.
Our denim comes from Cone Mills, one of the oldest and most celebrated denim makers in America. Their White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina has been looming since 1905. Our designs were sewn by a factory in LA that fabricates jeans for premier brands. So, quality-wise, we’re psyched about the level of make and fact that they are made in the US.”


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